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Chocolab believes in making dreams come true

We want you to create the chocolate bar you wish existed!

We believe in delivering the best taste experience, starting with premium Belgian chocolate, quality fresh ingredients, and bar design specially handcrafted to deliver a full sensory flavour explosion with each bite!

The chocolate that you design is uniquely yours, it is individual and has been handcrafted just for you!

You can experiment with flavour infusions, or stick with an old favourite.

There is always fun to be had when you can design your own chocolate block and have it delivered to your door!

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About our chocolate

Chocolab uses the Finest Belgian Chocolate, made with 100% natural ingredients. The chocolate is pure chocolate couverture. Couverture means “coating” in French and represents the highest grade of chocolate available; you can feel the silky smooth texture on your tongue. The chocolate is made with 100% pure cocoa butter, a selection of premium milk powders, fine sugar and a touch of pure Bourbon vanilla – which accentuates the roundness, sweetness and the creaminess of our chocolates. Our chocolate is also gluten and preservative free and our dark chocolate is lactose free. 

Only the finest ingredients are used to make our Belgian chocolate. Our chocolate uses 100% pure cocoa butter with a melt-point that results in the chocolate to melt perfectly in your mouth. The chocolate is processed to a maximum fineness which gives it a heavenly creamy chocolate texture. The chocolate has a well-balanced set of flavours, that gradually develops and then endures for a full sensory experience.


What makes our chocolate the best:

Chocolab chocolates are handcrafted using the finest premium chocolate and quality fresh ingredients and are made fresh from when you order. Our professional chocolatiers take time to handcraft each custom bar to perfection to enhance the flavour and presentation of the chocolate creation. Chocolab allows you to design your chocolate bars from any location, on any device. You can order on the commute home from your mobile, or on your laptop while watching TV. Your chocolate arrives at your specified delivery location – it’s so easy!

Chocolate Imported from Belgium & Fresh High Quality Ingredients

Chocolab chocolate is produced in Belgium, home of the world’s best chocolate, to guarantee the ultimate chocolate experience. Chocolab chocolate creations are then hand-crafted in Australia using the imported Belgian Chocolate and fresh local and imported ingredients. Chocolab uses premium quality dried fruit and nuts that are pesticide free! Chocolab creates your bar fresh so that we can guarantee the ultimate chocolate experience! 




Chocolab is a gourmet online chocolate shop. With Chocolab you can have the personalised chocolate block of your dreams! Start with premium Belgian chocolate base (white, milk or dark) and add your toppings from fruit, nuts, cookies, confectionery etc. With over 50 toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless…




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