Vegan chocolate lovers it’s time to celebrate! Now you can get the variety of chocolate you crave with Chocolab. You can order your vegan chocolate online and have it delivered direct to your door anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

The hardest part about being vegan is waking up at 5am to milk the almonds

With Chocolab you can create your own Vegan chocolate block! Keep your treats interesting by mixing up the flavours each time you order.

Chocolab’s dark chocolate is gluten free and 100% vegan. This means that by navigating the chocolate creation lab you can create the custom chocolate block your heart desires and still maintain your Vegan lifestyle.

STEP 1: Select your Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate Base:

Vegan Chocolate Australia


STEP 2: Add your Vegan toppings (you can choose up to 5 to a block)

Vegan toppings include:

– skittles – Fruit tingles – spearmint leaves – chilli powder – sea salt – cinnamon – passionfruit powder – sultanas – shredded coconut – Toasted coconut chips – raspberries – blueberries – cranberries – figs – crystallised ginger – strawberries – candied orange peel – glace cherries – sprinkles – pretzels – roasted coffee beans – dark chocolate chips  – cocoa nibs – crinkle cut chips – Oreos – nougatine


STEP 3: Enjoy your custom made Vegan chocolate!


Need some inspiration? We recommend the following combinations:

1) Dark Chocolate, Skittles, Sea Salt & Shredded coconut

2) Dark Chocolate, Oreos, Nougatine & Sultanas

3) Dark Chocolate, Crystallised Ginger, Pretzels & Roasted Coffee Beans


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