Chocolate Coated

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Our chocolate coated range features chocolate coated honeycomb, slabs of rocky road and a delicious selection of chocolate coated biscuits.

Looking for a new take on a classic? What about something reloaded, unconventional and crazy? Chocolab has taken your favourite biscuit and made it 10 times better! Our range of chocolate covered Oreos are a masterful remix of the childhood favourite. We immerse your Oreos in milk, white or dark chocolate (or combinations!) to create something completely different. Our white chocolate covered Oreos with sprinkles are unlike anything you’ve had before – simply delectable! Try our chocolate covered Oreos and browse the full range at Chocolab today!

Want something a little bit better than store bought biscuits? Chocolab brings you double coated chocolate covered Oreos – it’s enough to make your mouth water just reading it! Make your choice from white, dark or milk chocolate, drizzled all over your favourite biscuit to create something very sinful and very special. Simply choose the flavour, or try all of them! For the perfect gift for a birthday present, anniversary surprise or just a nice thought, shop the entire selection of chocolate covered Oreos today!




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