Father's Day

This father’s day, it’s time to treat dad. All year, he puts in all the hard work to be the best man that he can be, so the least you could do is treat him to some delicious chocolate treats, right? Chocolab has a range of incredible chocolate creations designed specifically to make Father’s day the best he’s ever had. We have wonderfully personalised Father’s day chocolate bars, with a mouth watering collection of flavours, colours and combinations that Dad will adore.

What’s your father’s favourite kind of chocolate? If he has a real sweet tooth that’s not so easily satisfied, perhaps he would like Dad’s cookie malt bar, or Candyland bar. Either are a chocoholics dream. If he likes a salty and crunchy treat, a salty peanut butter bar or salted caramel could be the perfect option. Maybe it’s just too hard to choose? Dad’s ultimate selection lets you give your father a mix and match of his very favourite combinations. You can combine the delicious creations to give him the perfect treat. Smooth, sweet and perfectly textured chocolate creations. Browse the full range today – you’re sure to find dad the perfect block!

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