Corporate Gifts

Chocolab can provide the perfect corporate chocolate for your event or gift. We handcraft premium Belgian chocolate with the finest quality ingredients. For our Corporate customers, we offer our traditional large-sized bars (100­-170g) as well as the option of miniature sized bars (40­-60g) and more. We can also cater to any custom request.

Custom Branded Corporate Chocolate bars

Corporate Gift

Create your own corporate chocolate bar from our range in the creation lab and add your company logo. Prices from $12.50 – $28.50 depending on toppings. Contact us for bulk orders.

A Unique Flavour Concoction

Chocolate subscription box collection

Create your own chocolate bar unique chocolate bar from our range in the creation lab. This is a cheaper option than personalising with a logo or messages but still creates a great unique corporate gift. Prices start at $8.95 and will depend on the toppings you choose. Bulk discounts are available on orders over 100 bars.

50g Corporate Logo bars

Corporate Small Chocolate Bar

Create a smaller chocolate treat and still personalise it with your company logo. You can also add a delicious topping from the creation lab. Base price is $4.50 + $3.00 for the logo and $1.00 to add a topping.

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