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Creation Lab

Creation Lab

Want to create your own chocolate treats? At Chocolab, you can create your own chocolate gifts, perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or surprise treats! Chocolab allows you to become your own Willy Wonka and make your inner chocoholic’s wildest dreams come true. Mix and match from a cornucopia of different flavours to come up with any number of crazy combinations. You can create an old favourite, such as salted caramel or rocky road, or be more adventurous, with flavours like Peanut Butter chips, Butterscotch, or Tim Tams! You can choose to mix in your childhood favourites, with a range of goodies such as musk sticks, jaffas, ovalteenies, gummy bears and more!

Need some inspiration? Checkout our Instagram.

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Step 1 - Choose your Chocolate

Choose your favourite chocolate from Milk, Dark and White.

Step 2 - Choose your Mould

Choose Your Shape from a 120g bar, a 250g heart, a giant 600g heart or a 600g pizza.

The pizza arrives in a black pizza box.

Step 3 - Optional Custom Image

Upload a custom image.

Each image is 4cm X 4cm and is printed on white chocolate using edible ink.

Step 4 - Optional Add a Message

You can add a message to your chocoalte creation.

Choose from our standard and seasonal messages or create your own.

Each message can contain up to 50 characters. You can include emojis, so why not bring a splash of colour 😀

Step 5 - Add your toppings

Choose from our huge range of toppings including your favourite sweets, biscuits, nuts and even more chocoolate.

The number of options you can choose will depend on the mould you have chosen and whether you have included messages or photos.

Step 6 - Order Finalised

Once you have made your order, we will get your product into our creation lab.

Orders can take several days to make depending on the time of year and whether you have included images or messages.

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