Valentines Chocolate Orders and Delivery

Getting your Valentines Day order on time

Cut-off for valentines day - Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

To get orders made and delivered on time, we recommend that orders are placed no later than the 8th February

Cut-off for valentines day - Rural and regional aras

Orders now closed for rural areas across Australia.

Depending on the Australia post network, delivery can take and in some cases to make sure they arrive we need to send them on 5th February.

We recommend ordering by the 1st February to make sure there is time for them to be made and arrive.

I can't find a product I saw on Facebook or Instagram?

Where that chocolate bar that i want?

A lot of the photos that are on our social media channels are from our Creation Lab.

In there, you can choose the type of chocolate you want, the shape, whether to include a message or add an image and the toppings you want.

Give it a go and see what great ideas you have. Our favourites have a good chance of being featured in a social media post.

You used to have more ingredients to choose from

We recently simplified the options available in the creation lab so we do have less options than before.

The ones we kept are our most popular ones.

Ordering Early

I want to order now but ship later

We have an option on checkout for valnetines orders to be shipped after the first february.

You can order anytime and request this and we will make the order and have it ready to go.

Does Chocolab cut-off orders

We take care to avoid accepting orders as we really don't want our customers to be disappointed.

Depending on how many orders come in, we may have to stop taking Creation Lab, message and image orders.

Personal Valentines photos

Do you guys do personal and intimate photos and messages

We will process orders with intimate photos.

Some things for you to be aware of:

- the photos are uploaded to Shopifys servers.

- we suggest doing any photos in a way that aren't identifiable to you personally.

Do you have another question? Send us a note.