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Design your dream chocolate bar online! Step 1: Choose from Milk, Dark or White. Step 2: Add your ingredients. Step 3: Chocolate delivered to your door!

Want to create your own chocolate treats? At Chocolab, you can create your own chocolate gifts, perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or surprise treats! Chocolab allows you to become your own Willy Wonka and make your inner chocoholic’s wildest dreams come true. Mix and match from a cornucopia of different flavours to come up with any number of crazy combinations. You can create an old favourite, such as salted caramel or rocky road, or be more adventurous, with flavours like Peanut Butter chips, Butterscotch, or Tim Tams! You can choose to mix in your childhood favourites, with a range of goodies such as musk sticks, jaffas, ovalteenies, gummy bears and more!

Need some inspiration? Checkout our Instagram.

Not sure what sweets your friend, family member or special someone likes? Let them create their own personalised chocolate. With our gift certificates, you can give them the opportunity to take part in the fun.  So, if you want the perfect gift or simply want to treat yourself, create your own chocolate masterpieces today. Browse the full range of options at Chocolab now!

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56 reviews for Creation Lab

  1. Michelle

    Thank you so much! I loved all the flavours I chose. The passionfruit powder is within the chocolate rather than just a topping and I think that made that block particularly special! Thanks again 🙂

  2. Alexandra

    the chocolate is such amazing quality and I love the whole experience. Thank you Chocolab!

  3. Krystyna

    I received two blocks of your fabulous chocolate for my birthday- they were gone within a day and I was on your site ordering more. I am very picky about my chocolate and was doubtful before I tried yours- but OH MY GOD- seriously the most smooth, delicious, creamy chocolate ever and to be able to choose what goes in- BRILLIANT!!!

  4. Phillip Ungerer

    Yum freakin Oh gulped it down in one go chocolate was surprisingly good being a Cadbury man for 60 yrs I found it was not bad. Of course I put on my childhood favorite musk sticks, malteaser balls raspberries if not sure give it a go

  5. Michelle

    This company is the best thing since sliced bread! The chocolate is to die for and the ingredients list is everything you could ever dream of!
    Just recieved my 4th order which I got specially for my birthday, it’s the only thing I wanted 🙂
    As a chocoholic this is a dream come true! Have told everyone I know about it, cannot recommend highly enough!

  6. Erin

    I had dark chocolate with pretzel, freeze dried strawberry and mini marshmallows. It looked great and tasted even better 😛

  7. Maddie

    Beautiful chocolate, fabulous ingredients. Having to have a lot of self-control to not eat it all at once!

  8. Sue

    Yum with a capital YUM 🙂

  9. Helen

    Like silk in the mouth, and very addictive.

  10. Sarah Francis

    I’ve had a few different creation blocks and oh my gosh. So amazing and creamy, best ingredients. Only thing I wish is that as soon as you ordered it’d magically show up haha. Can’t wait for the smash cakes

  11. Steph

    I ordered Creation Lab bars for my loved ones for Christmas and they loved them! It was a fun experience too 🙂

  12. Daniel

    Ordered a single bar, decked to the nines with various toppings, and it’s probably the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had! Arrived really quickly as well, which was a nice bonus!

  13. Jessica

    I love Chocolab! It is so great to be able to make your own creations. The chocolate itself is delicious and there are so many topping options to choose from. I got some made as Christmas presents and they went down a treat. Didn’t even last the day!

  14. Phoebe

    Love your chocolate, the service is excellent. Will definitely keep ordering. Thank you so much

  15. Phez

    It’s simply excellent. I used to hate chocolate, but now I LOVE everything chocolab. Chocolab’s dark chocolate with hazelnuts, acai berries and Turkish delight has become my post workout snack. It’s INCREDIBLE!! Highly recommend this chocolate

  16. Kymeeka

    Best chocolate i’ve had in a long time! I love all the options and the personalisation! I also love that you have different payment options and postage. So happy with my order and definitely plan to buy more!

  17. Anna

    This was so much fun! The quality of the chocolate block is amazing, and not to mention the range of toppings!!! Will definitely be creating again!

  18. Karishma

    I was last minute this year with my Easter gifts, however the team at Chocolab were awesome! They were fast with their responses, despite not having an actual shop front, the team at Chocolab were able to use social media and promptly send me my order which everyone loved! The products that Chocolab produce are outstanding and delicious! The best thing is that Chocolab caters for all tastes and budgets. Thanks again for making Easter 2016 a great one for our family 🙂

  19. Lisa

    The kids loved being able to create their own chocolate blocks. Spencer was so incredibly helpful with the order process and very quick to respond to my emails. They even threw in a couple chocolate covered Oreos as a bonus, which were delicious. Will be ordering again!

  20. natasha

    Taste is amazing, delivery was quick, customer service was brilliant. So impressed with chocolab!

  21. Emma Crameri

    I’ve my custom made block. The Belguim chocolate is delicious. A first class product.

  22. Emma Crameri

    I loved my custom made block. The Belguim chocolate is delicious. A first class product.

  23. Emma Crameri

    I loved my custom made block. The Belgium chocolate is delicious. A first class product.

  24. Keryn

    Delicious! So hard to create blocks as there is so many different ingredients and combinations! Excellent customer service too 🙂

  25. Karin

    Excellent service, fantastic product. My sister was thrilled with her chocolate bar. Thank you 🙂

  26. Madison

    Oh. My. God. Amazing! The chocolate itself is incredibly smooth and of high quality. The toppings are also delicious. Fantastic customer service and fast delivery. The only negative is that I found it so hard to decide on which toppings to add!

  27. Channy

    So delicious and shipping is super fast cant wait for new toppings to be launched just to have the excuse to order again haha

  28. chris

    Put my order in .Then we got a box
    opened the chocolate and went wow looks amazing .toppings are
    great .Will order soon .

  29. Teresa

    Put my order in on Monday and received my box of goodies today. Quick service and it was easy to follow the instructions. Took a look at what we got and they look amazing. Thanks for the fun. Will order again from Chocolab in the future

  30. Bree

    Such delicious chocolate and so much fun making them! They have a wide range of things to choose from which is great! I definitely recommend

  31. felice.roberts

    Perfect anniversary present. The pictures turn out great. Super impressed with the care in packaging!! 🙂

  32. Gaye McKenna

    A great selection of options to choose from! Perfect gift that I could create for vegans – thank you

  33. Laura

    Great present idea, and the chocolate arrived in perfect condition with no melting despite the summer heat. I will definitely order again! Thank you

  34. Georgina Mcbride

    Thank you! All our clients loved the chocolate and it was a unique way for us to say Merry Christmas. We may of had had a couple of blocks too, couldn’t resist!

  35. Celina

    I customised a chocolate bar for my mum as a Christmas present and she loved it! It was well packed, and did not arrive melted or misshapen in any way! Mum said it tasted really nice too! Will definitely order again 🙂

  36. Susanna

    Thank you so much.
    Very quick delivery to FNQ (Cairns) and the chocolate was in perfect condition not even melted one bit! My partner loved it. Would defiantly be using this company again.

  37. Kate

    Boyfriend loved his custom block, combined with some dark chocolate drops and a heart chocolate pop, it was a fantastic Valentines present.

  38. Samantha

    Got creative and ordered some custom chocolate bars for Valentines day. Great care went into packing our order to ensure the bars arrived safely – bubble wrapped and packed with an ice pack to ensure they didn’t melt in the summer heat. I wish I could include photos in this review so I could show how great they looked! Definitely recommend ordering from chocolabs!

  39. Tori Reynolds

    My partner absolutely loved his custom chocolate bar that I gifted him for Valentines day. Even with the incredibly hot weather, the bar arrived beautifully intact and was truly delicious. We highly recommend the milk chocolate bar with Nutella and Oreo pieces. Thanks again Chocolab!

  40. Kate Andison

    Fantastic customer service and such yummy chocolate!! Will defiantly be ordering some more!! Thank you so much

  41. Kate Andison

    My boyfriend loved his custom made blocks for Valentines Day! Customer service is amazing and the chocolate is delish! Thanks so so much, will be ordering some more!

  42. Caitlin

    Was easy to create the chocolate bar and the person I sent it to absolutely loved it. Its a great idea!

  43. Leila

    Love love love! Bought 4 bars and they all arrived in tact not melted and were absolutely delicious! The package was delivered to NT in 40 degree heat but upon opening the box you could not tell. I will be shopping Chocolab again and so will a lot of my friends. Thank you Chocolab!

  44. Rose Gray

    The chocolate was so delicious! Came packaged well and all perfectly intact. I’ve somehow managed to ration it over a number of weeks and it’s been super fun trying each different flavour that I created. I bought mine all for myself (no shame) but I’d definitely buy again in future as a great customised gift for someone else.

  45. Jan

    the base chocolate is very good and it is so much fun selecting your own ingredients

  46. gemma

    Highly recommend to everyone, everyone enjoyed my gift. Customer service was fast in rectifying order when it was wrong

  47. Les

    I ordered 3 bars, one of each base with tiny teddies, turkish delight and others. They arrived in Tasmania in 2 days and the recipient adored them. The emoji’s are a nice touch too! Absolutely first class!!

  48. Alison

    I love that you can create whatever your personal tastes are using quality ingredients!!!
    This is my favourite chocolate shop!!!!

  49. bronwyn.bauerhuit

    These make such a great and fun office birthday present! They always look delicious!

  50. KC

    My two customised blocks were fantastic. My only slight gripe is that I couldn’t find enough minty things to add to my minty milk block – any chance you could add busted up Peppermint Crips bars, or strong mints of some kind? Apart from that, the two bars are delicious. Thanks for offering such a fantastic service.

  51. Tess

    My sister absolutely loved the bar I created for her birthday! Filled with our favourite childhood treats as well as a suitably embarrassing photo, it was perfect! And it arrived so quickly and in perfect condition!
    This is the third time I have ordered from Chocolab and I could not recommend it highly enough!

  52. Kate

    Tasted great, looked amazing!

  53. natasha.anstee

    My partner loved the chocolate bar I created! Such a great idea and a high quality product

  54. misschrystal

    Best chocolate by far. Loved the custom heart i did for my partner. He loved it and enjoyed eating it

  55. hcgray

    My partner was so happy with her chocolate – it was lots of fun designing it to have all her favourite toppings. And the chocolate itself is absolutely delicious. I am debating about ordering some more for myself haha

  56. Marian Guirgis

    My husband loved the chocolate pizza surprise for his birthday. Delivery was timely and beautifully presented. Your chocolate is divine. Absolutely D.E.L.Icious!

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