Website Migration

After many years we have decided to move our website from our wordpress and woocommerce setup to Shopify.    

Our old website will be available at for a short while.  You won't be able to order from here.  

We are now testing our new website to see how it works for our customers.  There will temporarily be less products available but a new version of the creation lab is now online.

This change is being driven by the need to spend less time managing back end IT issues and more time focussed on making chocolate and getting them to our customers.  

The new website setup should be far more reliable and flexible.  We will be able to make changes more easily and we have plans to add lots of exciting new products, many of which you will be able to personalise. 

What is changing:

  • we are moving to a new platform
  • historic orders will not be available in the new platform. 
  • Customer details will not initially be available but will be added over time.  There is a new way of signing into your account.
  • the look and feel of some things will change.   But you will still be able to buy personalised chocolates from a huge range of options.


The key dates around this work are:

- 12 September we are launching the initial version.  We are expecting to add a limited range of products

- 25 September we will assess how the website is working, make sure our team is working well with it and that our customers have been able to make orders, get tracking etc.  

- 1 October, all going well, we will permanently move to the new environment and then get focussed on what we need to do for Christmas.


If you need any help with the migration, please send us a not.